The version of SharePoint you’re using dictates the type of top-level site or subsite you can create. The selection of site templates that are available to you by default depends on the features set up by your administrator and the Office 365 or SharePoint Server plan you have. You may also be able to create and use custom site templates.

Note: If you have a site or subsite you don’t need anymore, see Delete a SharePoint site or subsite.

SharePoint Online top-level sites

By default, SharePoint Online offers group-connected team sites for collaborating with members of your team or those working together on a project and communication sites for sharing news, reports, statuses, etc. with others. When you click SharePoint on the Office 365 launcher, and then click + Create site, you’ll have a choice between one of these two templates.

Note: Your administrator can enable or disable site creation, or substitute custom or classic team site creation.

To learn more about SharePoint Online team sites, see Create a team site in SharePoint Online or What is a SharePoint team site? For communication sites, see Create a communication site in SharePoint Online or What is a SharePoint communication site?

SharePoint Online subsites

Once you’ve created a top-level team site or communication site, you can create subsites. Subsites let you use a wider range of templates, such as classic team, publishing, blog, or document center sites. The descriptions below will help you choose the template you need.

Note: SharePoint Online top-level sites, such as Team or Communication site are not available as subsite templates. Team and Communication sites can only be created as top level sites.

In SharePoint Online, you can create subsites with classic templates only. The publishing tab is only available when you enable the SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure, and only as a subsite from a top-level, group-connected team site. The publishing infrastructure and publishing subsites are not available on top-levelcommunication sites.

When you create a subsite from a group-connected team site, the subsite can inherit permissions from the parent site and members of the team will have access. Some SharePoint Online top-level site features will not be available on classic subsites, such as Move to and Copy to.

SharePoint Server sites and subsites

With SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016, you can create top-level sites or subsites using the below classic templates. The following descriptions show the availability of templates based on the version and plan of SharePoint Server you’re using.

SharePoint Server 2013 Foundation only supports Collaboration Team sites and Blogs. It doesn’t support any other templates.

Collaboration site templates for SharePoint Online (subsites only) and SharePoint Server

Collaboration site templates create sites where you can communicate information about your team and projects, create a blog, or a community site. All are supported on SharePoint 2013 and 2016, and as subsites in SharePoint Online. For SharePoint 2013 Foundation, only Team sites and Blogs are supported.

Classic Team Site

Blog Site

Project Site

Community Site

Enterprise site templates for SharePoint Online (subsites only) and SharePoint Server

Enterprise site templates give you sites for document or record storage and tracking, Business Intelligence for data analysis, or site-wide search capabilities. All are supported in SharePoint 2013 and 2016, and as subsites in SharePoint Online. None are supported by SharePoint 2013 Foundation.

Document Center Site

Records Center Site

Business Intelligence (BI) Center Site

Search Center (Enterprise or Basic) Site

Publishing site templates for SharePoint Online (subsites only) and SharePoint Server

Publishing site templates offer website publishing with or without approval workflow, and an enterprise Wiki for corporate knowledge that members can contribute to.

To create publishing subsites, your administrator first needs to enable the SharePoint publishing infrastructure. Once enabled, the Publishing tab will be available.

All are supported in SharePoint 2013 and 2016, and as subsites from SharePoint Online Team sites. None are supported by SharePoint 2013 Foundation or as subsites on SharePoint Online Communication sites.

Publishing Site

Publishing Site with Workflow

Enterprise Wiki

Create a site from a SharePoint Online Site Collection (administrators only)

SharePoint Online tenant administrators can use the Admin Center to create new site collections. When creating a new site collection, you can choose a classic template to use for a new top-level site. You can’t however create a group-connected team site or communication site. The selection is similar to templates available for SharePoint Online subsites. When the site starts, you need to configure users, permissions, format, content, and many other features. For more info, see Create a site collection.